Monthly Archives: July 2013

How to create a master slide in Powerpoint (Windows)

As always, it’s annoying if you don’t know how! So here is how to create a master slide in Powerpoint.


  • Click ‘view’ at the top of the Microsoft Powerpoint ribbon (top section)
  • Locate and click on ‘slide master’
  • Add your content to the master slide (you can have multiple slides/templates if you wish)
  • Click on ‘close master view’, top right next to a red ‘X’
  • Your slide will now have the master slide elements and if you go to the ‘new slide’ drop down menu — you will see all your master slide options.

That’s it, you’re done! Let me know if you have any related questions on PowerPoint.

Problem watching YouTube videos on IE9 (Internet Explorer 9)

I upgraded to IE9 last month and there is a problem with watching YouTube videos! If you’re not able to view YouTube videos after upgrading your browser to Internet Explorer 9 the I believe I have a solution.

The problem appears to be that activex filtering is enabled (as a default setting?) on my IE9 browser. (What is activex?) (What is activex filtering?) Continue reading