Monthly Archives: August 2013

BT Sport got it wrong. Very wrong.

bt-sport-got-it-wrongOK so BT Sport got your attention throughout the summer. You’ve been bombarded with adverts every second about how good it is going to be. They promised top picks, big names, HD and best of all its ‘FREE’ (for some customers). You love football so of course you’ve bought into the hype and the promises and can’t wait for the season to start.

Saturday 17th August finally arrives. Day 1 and you’re willing to watch just about any live football you can get your dirty hands on even if it’s not your team. BT Sport is up and running (apparently), so you get up raring to go, then…. oh “no connection, try again later”. What?! You refresh, turn the device off, refresh again, “no connection, try again later”. You’re kidding me right?! It’s Day 1 of the football season. I want to watch football. Do these people not understand? Continue reading

Every employee is your brand ambassador (that even applies to you O2!)

O2-CorporateYou enter an electronic store. You finally reach the point where you think to yourself “yes, I like this product, I think I might buy it”. So you take the item over to the checkout and then two shop assistants take it upon themselves to argue about a product right in front of you whilst you wait… and wait… and wait… awkwardly… staring at the floor… waiting for the awkwardness to end. They take a brief disgusted look at you but don’t say anything to you, they just carry on arguing with each other. Another couple of minutes pass and they finish bickering and agree to talk to you so that they can process your item through the checkout. You leave annoyed, confused and upset about what just happened. That’s what happened to me when I visited O2 last week.  Continue reading

Two social media posts every marketer must read (right now)

Everyday I receive emails and whitepapers on ‘How to use Twitter effectively‘ and ‘How to calculate social media ROI‘ and there is often nothing new or unique. Nine times out of ten they end up in the trash can.

However, there’s two great articles which I always stumble upon, two of the best written pieces I’ve seen in a long time which take a very different view on social marketing. Continue reading

Unmarketing by Scott Stratten is something very special

UnMarketingUnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging (By Scott Stratten) is one of the best marketing books I have read for a long time (possibly ever). The part that drew me in instantly was Scott’s honesty throughout. He says it how it is, no holds barred. His writing is extremely engaging and I could hardly put the book down from the moment I started.

It makes you re-think how to engage with others online and how to go about creating marketing campaigns. Some might say that Scott’s examples are just common sense but I see so many similar painful mistakes made by companies every day. This book has made me realise these mistakes and how to rectify them. Continue reading