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How do you add a URL in Yahoo Answers?

Have you noticed that when someone posts a URL in Yahoo Answers, their link is active and you can actually click on it? Yet when you paste a link, it is only text. This is super annoying!

You are doing everything right in terms of pasting the link but in order for the link to become active, your profile needs to be at least level 2. So if it is a new account then you will need to get busy and start helping others with their questions. You need 250-999 points for level 2. Here is the full Yahoo Answers scoring system.


Tesco explain why employees control a company’s brand

I’m done with Tesco.

I’ve never been that keen on the place but now I’m going out of my way to stop even friends and family from purchasing anything from them.

If you’ve ever read Unmarketing or The Book of Business Unawesome you will hear about some of Scott Stratten’s poor experiences with brands. He talks a lot about how the employees which directly interact with customers have control over a company’s brand. Nothing could be more true.

In the past, I have frequently shopped online with Tesco and have had groceries delivered. The quality isn’t the best but they are often cheaper than rival supermarkets. Yesterday my latest delivery arrived, however this time Tesco delivered something extra to my door, a foul employee. I had already waited 45 minutes over Tesco’s estimated delivery time but things were about to get a lot worse.  Continue reading