How does Pinterest help SEO?

how-does-Pinterest-help-SEODoes Pinterest help with SEO? If you want a one word answer, then yes,  Pinterest does help with SEO.

So how does Pinterest help with SEO??

Pinterest is one of the most popular and fastest-growing social networks the web has seen lately. The platform allows the small business owner or in my case the agency marketer to market a brand, drive sales of products, increase traffic to a website and even boost a website’s SEO. In this article I want to dig deeper and discuss SEO inside Pinterest.

Let’s discuss Pinterest as a ‘Search Engine’

In many ways, social networks such as Pinterest function as secondary search engines. In order to get your Pins in front of more Pinterest users, you need to learn how to optimise content for Pinterest’s own internal search engine.

As with SEO for traditional search engines, the first step is basic keyword research. Now unfortunately, there is no current tool that uncovers keyword demand in Pinterest. However, you can use something like the Google Keyword Planner or your favourite keyword tool as a proxy for searches on Pinterest. Determine what keywords searchers use to discover products in your category or answer questions that point to needs your products may fill.

With keyword research in hand, we can now start creating and optimising. I’ve put together six individual ideas to help you do this.

6 SEO ideas for Pinterest

  1. Optimising Pinner Profiles. When signing up for a Pinterest profile, make sure to choose a Pinner name that will represent the brand well. The profile name will be used in the title tag and URL for the profile page, both of which will impact SEO for traditional search engines as well as Pinterest search. Complete the entire profile for maximum findability, including name and location keywords that may help in brand and location searches. Make sure to use keywords in the description as well, and include the URLs to your ecommerce site, Twitter, and Facebook.
  2. Optimising Uploaded Pins. Pins should also be chosen based on keyword research. Since Pins are the default view in Pinterest search, ensuring that Pins are strongly aligned with the phrases that people search for is critical to earning a place in Pinterest search results. Optimise Pins with strong descriptions that use the targeted keyword, but remember Pins with shorter captions may be more likely to be Repinned. Include details like a link to the product and the price. Use a short, descriptive file name when saving the image, containing the targeted keyword if relevant.
  3. Optimising Boards. Based on the keyword research, define the content topics you’ll create Boards around. Give each a meaningful, descriptive title that includes the keyword the Board will target. This is where a lot of brands get lost. “Fall Looks We Love” is a terrible Board name for a brand that wants to be discovered in Pinterest for “sweaters.” Naming the board “Sweaters for Fall” would be better for search, and a clearer indicator of the Board’s content to browsers as well. Lastly, make sure to categorize the Board correctly to help increase visibility in Pinterest search.
  4. Earning Authority. Pins, Boards, and Pinner profiles that have more Followers, Repins, and Likes will rank better in Pinterest search. As with traditional SEO, even the perfect optimization cannot overcome a lack of authority.
  5. Choosing the Visual. Searchers will judge Pins, Boards, and Pinner profiles by their visuals. Even if the optimisation is perfect, without a correspondingly perfect image the Pin will fail. If the image doesn’t excite the community, they won’t Repin it or Like it and the Pin will not rank well.
  6. Optimising Ecommerce Sites for Pinterest. To this point the optimization tips have been focused on content the brand itself posts on Pinterest. You can also optimise your ecommerce site to encourage more Pins and make Pins more effective. The most obvious step is to add Pinterest buttons or widgets to your product detail pages to make it easy for customers to Pin products to share with their friends. In addition, use Rich Pins to automatically add details like pricing and availability when customers Pin your pages. Getting started with Rich Pins requires some development work to incorporate meta tags into your pages and an application process.

Let me know how you get on.

Ever wondered how does Pinterest make money?

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