Alternatives to Slidecast

Since Slidecast recently announced that their service would be shutting down on April 30, 2014 – a number of current users have been frantically seeking alternative solutions to Slidecast.

Here are some of the best suggestions so far.

PowerPoint Slide Shows

In current versions of PowerPoint it is possible to record an audio narration to a slide show. You can then save as movie and effectively export as a movie file ready for upload to a platform such as YouTube or Video.




Video Screen Capture with Audio  (Google+ hangouts)

Many are turning to screen capture (see how to export Slidecasts for full details). This solution is perfect if you use platforms such as Google+ and have regular hangouts. The screen capturing software will allow video and audio recording of your Google+ hangout which you can then host on a video platform for users to view on demand. Many recommended screen and audio capturing software solutions can be found here: how to export Slidecasts.

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