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How do you turn off auto-play videos on the Facebook iPhone app?

It is really embarrassing when an annoying Facebook video starts playing automatically as you scroll through your newsfeed. Here is how to turn off the auto-play feature on the iPhone app and stop those horrible moments!

How to turn off Facebook auto-play videos on the iPhone app.

One solution is to turn on the ‘Auto-play on Wi-fi only’ option. To do this you will need to do the following steps on your iPhone:

Step 1: Go to Settings and locate ‘Facebook':



2. Click on the small ‘Settings’ tab under the ‘Facebook’ logo:



3. Finally, turn on the ‘Auto-play on Wi-Fi only’ feature:


Please note: as stated in the settings, this is only to turn off when not connected to Wi-Fi. Right now, Facebook, for whatever reason, do not allow you to completely turn off auto-play for videos.


How to get the permalink for a Facebook post

I often get asked “How do you find the direct link (aka permalink) of a Facebook post?”. It is fairly straightforward and you can do this for any page or timeline post.

Here are the four steps to finding the permalink for a Facebook post:

  1. Find the post that you require the permalink for
  2. Locate the ‘timestamp’ for the post. This will either be an amount of time e.g. 30 minutes ago (for recent posts), or it will be a date e.g. 30th April (for older posts).
  3. Right click on the timestamp and copy the url. Alternatively, you can click the timestamp with left mouse button and it will open up the post into a page where you can copy the permalink from your address (URL) bar at the top.
  4. Now you can copy and paste the permalink as you please!

The timestamp will look like this:


How do people use emoticons on Twitter?

Many people ask me “how can I add emoticons to my tweets?”. Well here is how.

If you’re a regular Twitter user then you’ve most likely seen emoticons like these before:

😄 😃 😊 😉 😍 😘 😚 😜 😝 😳 👂 👀 👃 👅 👄

🐶 🐺 🐱 🐭 🐹 🐰 🐸 🐯 🆕 🆙 🆒 🆓 ⛄ 💀 👽 💩

If you copy and paste any of these into Twitter you will be able to physically Tweet the emoticons. They have a special name which is “emoji” (a Japanese term meaning pictogram). Twitter often tweet about this functionality with hashtag “#emojiparty”.

A full list of emoji can be found online here: Full list of Emoji

What about mobile users?

If you want to use emoji on your iPhone, Android or tablet then read up here: