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5 free tools for recording Google+ Hangouts

record-google-hangoutsGoogle+ Hangouts are proving to be one of the few popular features of Google’s social network, but there’s no built-in option to record them.

Until Google decides to add such functionality, there are some free workarounds to help you record your next Hangout. Although G+ pros may choose to invest in specialist software, the free solutions will suffice for capturing Hangouts and they offer easy sharing options, too.

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How does Evernote make money?

how-does-evernote-make-moneyFounded by Stepan Pachikov, the Evernote web service launched into open beta on June 24, 2008. Since the launch, it has exploded and currently (as of December, 2013) has 80 million subscribers.

But what about the revenue? What is the business model for Evernote?

The company follows a freemium model: users try out the basic product for free, and when they become addicted, they upgrade to the premium service. It’s a definite incentive to build the most customer-pleasing, competitive, addictive product you can. Continue reading

How to export Slidecasts

Slidecast recently announced that their service would be shutting down on April 30, 2014. So what do you do with all your individual Slidecasts?!

Existing Slidecasts will be converted to static presentations on SlideShare on April 30, 2014. However, before this date you can physically export the files. To do this go to the ‘My Uploads’ section – here you have the option to export.

Alternatively, a number of Slidecast users are turning to the use of screen capture. There are many software solutions which will allow you to do this effectively. You can then upload to other platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo in seconds. See: alternatives to Slidecast.

Some of the recommended screen and audio capturing software solutions include:

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Slidecast to be discontinued

slidecasts-to-be-discontinuedIn February, Slidecast announced that they would be shutting down their service on April 30, 2014. This was quite a shock and has left many disgruntled (even though it is a completely free service to some extent!).

Slidecast launched in 2007 and allows users to synchronize audio with their slides. While they have seen some great Slidecasts over the years, usage has not been as widespread as we they had originally hoped. A decision has now been made to cut the service completely. Continue reading