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Facebook: How do you view the most recent posts in your newsfeed (mobile)?

Here we go again. Facebook have decided that they will be choosing what you read on your newsfeed. Anyway, here is a simple way to view the most recent posts on your Facebook newsfeed on a mobile device.

For iPhone users:

1. Log in to Facebook on your mobile
2. At the bottom right of the screen you will notice three small bars and the label ‘more’, click this (see image below).

facebook-most-recent-posts-newsfeed-iphone3. Scroll down until you find ‘FEEDS’ and then you can click ‘Most Recent’

For Android users:

1. Log in to Facebook on your mobile
2. At the top you will notice three small bars and the label ‘more’, click this (see image below).

3. Select ‘Most Recent’

Please do comment if you are having any other issues with this.

How do you perform an advanced search on (the new) Facebook?

It is frustrating when you are searching for someone on Facebook and they don’t show up. The good news is that it’s possible to perform an advanced search on Facebook. Here are the steps to do so.

1. First of all, log in to Facebook.
2. Once logged in, go to: www.facebook.com/people-search.php
3. You should then be presented with options such as ‘people you may know’
4. To the right of this are the advanced filters to use when searching for friends.

It should look a little something like this:


How do you turn off auto-play videos on the Facebook iPhone app?

It is really embarrassing when an annoying Facebook video starts playing automatically as you scroll through your newsfeed. Here is how to turn off the auto-play feature on the iPhone app and stop those horrible moments!

How to turn off Facebook auto-play videos on the iPhone app.

One solution is to turn on the ‘Auto-play on Wi-fi only’ option. To do this you will need to do the following steps on your iPhone:

Step 1: Go to Settings and locate ‘Facebook':



2. Click on the small ‘Settings’ tab under the ‘Facebook’ logo:



3. Finally, turn on the ‘Auto-play on Wi-Fi only’ feature:


Please note: as stated in the settings, this is only to turn off when not connected to Wi-Fi. Right now, Facebook, for whatever reason, do not allow you to completely turn off auto-play for videos.


How to get the permalink for a Facebook post

I often get asked “How do you find the direct link (aka permalink) of a Facebook post?”. It is fairly straightforward and you can do this for any page or timeline post.

Here are the four steps to finding the permalink for a Facebook post:

  1. Find the post that you require the permalink for
  2. Locate the ‘timestamp’ for the post. This will either be an amount of time e.g. 30 minutes ago (for recent posts), or it will be a date e.g. 30th April (for older posts).
  3. Right click on the timestamp and copy the url. Alternatively, you can click the timestamp with left mouse button and it will open up the post into a page where you can copy the permalink from your address (URL) bar at the top.
  4. Now you can copy and paste the permalink as you please!

The timestamp will look like this:


Does Facebook record your search history? (view and delete it!)

facebook-view-and-delete-search-historyYes, is the short answer. Facebook does record the searches you make and they are all logged on your profile. However, you can delete your Facebook search history.

Every high-school sweetheart stalked, every ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend examined, every job candidate scoped out is listed in chronological order, together with the date and time of the search.

This search data isn’t public, but at least a few Facebook users were shocked to see an unadulturated list of all the people they’d been stalking. So as Facebook rolls out its search engine, Graph Search, and pushes its users to perform more queries on the social network, it’s worth bearing in mind that those queries are not only logged, but stored in an easily-accessible way.

How to delete your Facebook search history

  • Go to your profile page
  • Click on ‘activity log’ in the top right hand corner

  • Go to the left hand side and click on ‘more’


  • A new set of options will appear. Find ‘search’ and click on it


  • Now you will see your full search history for Facebook. You can browse through by date or clear the entire search history at the top.